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About home improvements

We are happy for you to make improvements to your home. However, we do need to know about them before you carry out any work. This is a requirement under the terms of your lease, as changes to the property require written permission from us. We also need to know if the improvements will affect the value of your home, in case you wish to buy further shares in the future, if it will cause any ongoing repairs, or if it will have an effect on the buildings insurance. If you wish to carry out home improvements, please contact us for a home improvement request form, and then provide as much detail as possible when returning it to us. You don’t need to let us know if you are carrying out minor improvements such as decorating or replacing internal doors. Please provide us with full details on the home improvement request form of the work you are looking to carry out.


What do I need permission for?

What do I need permission for?

You need to let us know if you are carrying out major improvements including:

• carrying out work to your gas, electricity or water supply

• building a conservatory, extension, or carrying out any structural work.

• installing a new bathroom, shower or kitchen

• replacing your external doors and windows

Before work starts, you must obtain and provide us with copies of:

• planning permission or building control approval from your local authority (where applicable)

• confirmation that the improvements conform to building regulations and statutory requirements.

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What can't I do? 

Permission will not be given for:

• replacement windows or entrance door to your flat or apartment

• extensions for a flat or apartment

• any structural alterations in a flat or apartment

• building a shed, greenhouse, conservatory, extension, patio or anything that encroaches onto communal grounds

• improvements to any communal parts of a building.