What is shared ownership?

Shared ownership makes buying a home easier and more affordable. You’ll purchase a share of your new home, usually between 25 and 75%. That’s yours to own!  We own the rest of the home, and you’ll pay a small rent for it.  When you’re ready, you can talk to us about staircasing – that’s when you purchase more shares, right up to 100%. You don’t have to staircase either, we can help you sell your share at any time if you want to move on.

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Why shared ownership?

Lower deposit

With shared ownership, you only need a mortgage for the share you're buying.  That means you'll need a lower deposit, making it easier and more affordable to save!

Step on the ladder

With a lower deposit and mortgage it's easier to take a step on the property ladder, and you can buy the rest of the shares when you're ready!

Lower mortgage

Because you're only buying a share of the property, the amount you need a mortgage for will be lower.  Not only does that mean a lower deposit, but it makes mortgages easier to access!

It's still yours!

You own a bit and rent a bit, but it's still your property to personalise and decorate!  If you do want to make any major alterations, our friendly and experienced team can help you find out if it's possible.