Management fees

Management fees cover the costs of providing a property management service to you and vary by property type. These costs are included in your annual service charge budget and are paid monthly.

Your management fees are reviewed each year to ensure they reflect the cost of any work required. If you are asked to pay a management fee and do not agree with the amount you are being charged, you can speak to a First Tier Tribunal (FTT), who will decide whether the fee is reasonable.

Administration fees

An administration fee is charged for any work that is not included in the management fee, such as handling enquiries for resales, providing duplicates of documents and dealing with permissions under the lease. All our charges are reviewed annually and have been calculated based on the level of work involved to deliver each service. Unless otherwise stated, all administration fees are payable in advance by telephone or cheque.

Have a question about your fees? Contact our team on 0344 736 0063 or email your property manager at