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We use your feedback to understand what we are getting right, what we are getting wrong and where we can improve.

We treat all complaints confidentially, respectfully and fairly so please get in touch.

The Housing Ombudsman has published a new Complaint Handling Code, which all landlords must publish a self-assessment against. You can find our latest self-assessment here Complaint handling document 2022

You can find the full Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code here The Housing ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code

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Getting independent help

If you need help or advice or want someone, such as relative, a friend or an adviser, to act on your behalf, you can do this if we have your permission to talk to them.

If you need help to find an adviser who is independent you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau, Housing Aid Centre, Local Law Centre, a solicitor, your local Councillor or your Member of Parliament. You can find contact details for these in local directories or on the internet. Even if your complaint is still going through our process you can contact the Housing Ombudsman or Property Ombudsman for advice, they are unlikely to investigate your complaint until we have provided a Final Response, but they may be able to offer advice.

IFF Research Partner

Please note that in order to continuously improve our service to our customers, once your complaint has been dealt with, you may be selected at random to complete a survey with our independent research partner IFF Research.  If selected for the survey, telephone your contact details will be shared in line with our Data Privacy Notice.  IFF Research will contact you by telephone and the caller number that will appear will be 0203 148 7717

If you do not wish to be contacted for the survey, please let us know and we will ensure that your details are not shared, and you will not be contacted.