Repair responsibilities

Repair responsibilities

Not all repair responsibilities are the same for our customers.

If you rent your home, Redwing are usually responsible for the majority of repairs in your home.

If you are a leaseholder or a shared owner, Redwing will usually be responsible for all communal repairs. This includes inside and outside your scheme. If the area is shared and you pay a contribution towards the maintenance in your service charge, we will organise communal repairs.

When you report a repair that is our responsibility, we’ll let you know who will carry out the repair and when it is expected to be completed.

Please check your lease and tenancy for full details. Unsure where to find this? Speak to your property manager on or 0344 703 0063.

Repair response times:

Routine repairs - will be attended within 60 days.

Emergency repairs - are normally attended to within 4 hours. An emergency repair is classed as something that is causing an immediate danger to personal safety or serious damage to a building.

Emergency repairs

If you need an emergency repair (for example, you have a loss of heating, an uncontainable water leak or loss of power), please call 0344 736 0063. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency repairs. 

A repair that requires an emergency response will be attended to within 4 hours. An emergency response may only be to make safe and any additional works to complete the repair may take place on a further appointment. 

What happens next?

You will always be given an appointment time and date for your repair, and we will send a text message to confirm the details. 

Communal decorating, maintenance, and improvements

Communal decorating, maintenance, and improvements

We will decorate, maintain and improve the communal areas of your scheme on a cyclical basis (less than once per year) as specified in your lease or tenancy. There is normally a cyclical fund contribution in your service charge to pay for these works. We will consult with you on any work that you are expected to pay more than £250 towards the cost of.