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Report a repair

We are experiencing a high number of staff absences due to confirmed Covid-19 cases and isolation, and this is having an impact across all of our services. It may take us longer than usual to respond to your enquiry at this time.

It is currently taking approximately six weeks for us to attend non-urgent repairs and we are also experiencing delays within our supply chain. This means that it is taking longer than usual to get the parts we need to carry out repairs, particularly repairs to lifts, gates and barriers. We are continuing to attend all emergency repairs within four hours.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and are doing everything we can to protect our customers, staff and services during this time.

Thank you for your patience.

How to report a repair:

We've made it really easy to report a repair to us: 

  • Online through The Hub

  • Call 0344 736 0063 Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm

  • Email

  • Send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter (please do not share any personal information publicly over social media)

If you need an emergency repair (for example, you have a loss of heating, an uncontainable water leak or loss of power), please call 0344 736 0066. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency repairs. 

The response time for repairs is dependent upon the level urgency and you will be advised of this when you contact us. 

A repair that requires an emergency response will be attended to within 4 hours. An emergency response may only be to make safe and any additional works to complete the repair may take place on a further appointment. 

You will always be given an appointment time and date for your repair and we will send a text message to confirm the details.