What is a lease?

A lease is effectively a legal agreement confirming what each person is responsible for. As a leaseholder, you have agreed to various responsibilities when you signed your lease. 

The specific details will vary between property developments, so it’s always best to read and understand your lease, but generally, there are actions that will be your responsibility as part of your lease. 

What are my responsibilities?


• paying your service charges in full and on time

• letting us know if any of your details change, especially your contact details. The more information you provide to us, the easier it is to communicate with you

• ensuring that you and your visitors don’t cause a nuisance to your neighbours

• checking with us and making a request, if needed, if you want to keep a pet. Not all developments allow pets, so it is always best to check.

• asking us for written consent before making any home improvements. Changes made without consent can invalidate the buildings insurance

• informing us if you wish to sublet your home

• ensuring you meet your lease obligations in respect of fire safety regulations.