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Meet Kaitlin, Redwing's Property Management and Sales Apprentice.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we sat down with Kaitlin who joined the Redwing team as a Property Management and Sales Apprentice. Keep reading to find out more about Kaitlin's role, why she chose an apprenticeship with Redwing and her journey so far! 

What motivated you to apply for an apprenticeship?

I’ve never really liked the idea of going to university, but I’ve always loved learning. When I learnt about apprenticeships, I knew instantly that’s the path I wanted to take. I can learn whilst also going into work and getting the practical skills and knowledge I’d need for a career. I felt like this route would be the most beneficial for my career path and I’d get a head start into a job.

What is your role and key responsibilities?

Currently I am a property management and sales negotiation apprentice. My key responsibilities in the Property Management Team are assisting the property managers with their workload through handling customer enquiries, managing key exchange for contractors, raising repairs. In the Sales Team, my key role is answering customer enquiries, booking viewings and liaising with customers who are in the midst of a sale or rental process.

Are there any studies involved as an apprentice?

There are studies involved with an apprenticeship, but it is very manageable. The studies give you all the knowledge you need to succeed in the job role. I have one day from home a month which I spend on an online workshop learning new information that will help me in my role. I am given one assignment per month in which I dedicate Fridays to complete this work, I’ve found this allows me to focus solely on my assignment rather than bouncing between my assignment and actual job. These assignments strengthen me in my role and have really helped since I’ve never done anything in the property sector before.

What is the best thing about working at Redwing?

I was always so excited at the idea of working closely alongside people in an office however there was always that bit of worry. At Redwing I was welcomed into the team straight away and after only a few weeks I felt like I had been there years. The team is definitely the best thing about working at Redwing, everyone is always there to help and to teach me new things that I’ve never done before.

What challenges have you faced?

When I first joined there was a lot to wrap my head around, I started at a really busy time at Redwing having to jump straight into it and pack into my brain as much information as I could. There was a lot of challenges, but I found that you just have to throw yourself into it and get involved despite being new. Although it was an extremely busy time when I started at Redwing, there was always someone there to take the time to explain things to me that I didn’t understand or show me how.

What is the best piece of advice you can give about learning and development?

Envision your goals, listen to those around you who have achieved what you are aiming for and never stop learning.

What are your dreams and aspirations for the future?

In the future I want to progress further with Redwing, I’m aiming for a management role. I just want to keep learning and achieve my goals one by one. I’d love to help manage any new apprentices Redwing may get in the future, give them advice and guide them as I have been in their shoes before.

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