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Don't put a lockdown on your imagination

As the UK entered a period of lockdown due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) this has affected all areas of the housing market. Mortgages, valuations and viewings of new homes are all being put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Those of you who were about to sell, move or begin your home journey may feel lost in these unprecedented times. Although one thing the lockdown cannot stop, is your imagination!

Why not use this time to let your imagination run wild, how you will decorate your dream home? If you want to re-mortgage to a family home in the countryside, think about how you can maximise your space further with storage ideas!  Maybe you were about to begin your home ownership journey in that trendy flat with Shared Ownership, start to think about how you can put your own stamp on that gorgeous balcony overlooking the city centre!

Websites such as Pinterest are great for browsing new ideas, you may even come across an interior style you never knew of before, which is also now your favourite!


Here are some of our favourite décor ideas!


If you are unable to change the floor tiles in your home or are looking for a cheaper alternative, peel and stick vinyl tiles are your answer. They can be used over tiles anywhere in your home such as the kitchen or bathroom. As they are easily be removeable, they are a great way to put your own stamp on your new home, with a cheaper price tag!

Peel and stick vinyl

Image Credit - Pinterest


You may not have your own garden when living in an apartment, but that can be made up for by creating your own tropical sanctuary on the balcony. Adding plants, solar lights and if you can, colourful garden furniture will create a beautiful outdoor space for you to enjoy in the sunshine!


Image credit - Pinterest


Decorating does not always need to be wallpaper and paint, simple accessories such as cushions, throws and picture frames are a quick fix to bringing colour into a room! Stick to two or three colours, use contrasting textures and add some plants, that plain white room will be unrecognisable.

If you fall into the habit of redecorating and wanting to change again a month down the line, this technique is perfect for you. All you need to do is switch up your accessories!


Image credit - Pinterest 


Disclaimer - Please always refer to your tenancy agreement and ask permission from your landlord if necessary, before making any changes to your home.

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