What is staircasing?

Shared ownership is a flexible way of buying a property, and with staircasing you can increase the amount of your home that you own by purchasing more shares. For example, if you currently own a 50% share in your home, you can buy more shares and staircase up to 75%, 80% or even 100% depending on the property and your lease. 

The benefits

Staircasing makes homeownership more affordable! You can buy the share that you afford, and then purchase more of your home as and when your circumstances allow. Once you've staircased to 100%, Redwing no longer own a share of your home, and you don't have to pay any rent.


How do I get started?

Contact our Homeownership team today to get started via:


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Start the process

If you're interested in staircasing and buying more shares in your home, our dedicated team are here to help. You'll need to find out how much you can staircase to, and get a valuation of your home.

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