Service Charge

Service Charge

About your service charge

It’s important to look after our properties, and we manage the general maintenance and repairs at your development. Your service charge covers the cost of this work as well as the costs of building insurance and communal cleaning and lighting.

We manage your service charge account on an individual development basis. We strive to keep costs as low as possible and the service charge payable on your home is reviewed annually. We regularly review services provided and test the market through tendering to secure the best price and service.

Your audited accounts will show all money coming in and going out for your development identifying items we have spent money on. It shows whether or not the service charge was over or under spent in that year. And we’ll keep you informed throughout the year.

We may change contractors or amend services, but don’t worry as we will consult with you and your neighbours so that you can have a say in this. If you disagree with either the level of service charge you are asked to pay or the money we have already spent, then please talk to us about this as soon as possible.

Our new Resident Portal is coming soon and will allow you to view your service charge details, including annual accounts, on a real time basis. If you'd like information before this, you can contact your property manager by calling 0344 7360063.