Outright Sale

Outright Sale

What is outright sale?

Redwing Living can make the dream of owning your own home a reality. With extensive experience in North West property sales, our skilled and friendly team are here to take you through the whole sales process, and with properties ranging from family homes to city centre apartments, there's something for everyone. Outright sale is as the name suggests, you're buying 100% of the property. 

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City centre apartments

We're local experts, so buying a Liverpool city centre apartment with Redwing Living means you're getting the best tailored service. Our unique properties include apartments in converted period buildings such as Dukes Terrace, The Foundry and Saunders Building, bring character to your beautiful place.


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New developments

Redwing Living offers homes to buy in a range of beautiful brand new developments, from Cheshire, to Liverpool and Lancashire. From stunning outright sale properties such as those at Bluebrook, to exciting shared ownership opportunities like the upcoming Poppy Place, we can make your dream of a brand new home a reality.


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It's not just city centre apartments and new home developments that we offer. Our award-nominated estate agency service can help you find your perfect home across the North West, from suburban family homes to retirement properties.


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