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Staying organised this Christmas

With Christmas under four weeks away, not that were counting! Keeping your home organised during the manic holiday season can be a task. Whether you are having your family over in your new home or just want to make the most of your storage space, follow these top tips to organise and declutter your space in preparation for the big day!

Isn't it frustrating when you can't reach that one tin from the back of your cupboard due to the sea of tins, spices and sauces in the way? Stacking your tins is a key way of increasing the amount of storage space in your cupboard, however if you don’t have another shelf, wire rack shelves are a great alternative!  This enables you to clearly see all items in your cupboard and keep them organised, they can also be used to stack your plates as shown.

Another way of creating more space in your cupboard that is good for the planet and your pocket is by reusing old Tupperware boxes. If your Tupperware boxes are becoming flimsy and you think it's time for a new set, do not throw away your old ones! These can be reused to hold your tins, sauce sachets or spices! 


Tin / plate wire rack  

Image credit Amazon


Overhead door hangers are great for dressing gowns and coats, however these can also be reused in various rooms to increase your storage space. Have you ever opened your storage cupboard door to nearly be hit by your mop as they fall down from against the wall? Instead why not attach them to an overhead door hanger, this prevents from items piling up on the floor and is a safer way of storing.

We love thing that can be reused, this sock holder as featured below can be attached to the door hanger in your storage cupboard to hold various items such as shoes, cleaning products or miscellaneous items such as charges, batteries etc.


Hanging Ikea sock holder

Image credit IKEA


We love snuggling with a blanket whilst watching your favourite film at Christmas but sometimes we just don’t know where to store the blankets. Are they thrown over the couch, rolled up and thrown into a wardrobe or under the stairs?

These storage baskets are a perfect storage solution and can be placed in your lounge or hallway to store blankets, umbrellas or any other items that just don’t have a 'home'.  These baskets can be bought in various colours and sizes, why not keep one in your bathroom for extra toilet rolls, the bedroom for extra bedding sets or your children's room to store away toys.

Wicker storage basket

Image credit Amazon

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a 3 bedroom family home, storage is key to staying organised especially during the holiday period.

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